Sensitive/ Redness

External environmental factors frequently contribute to the increased sensitivity of our skin, especially due to the naturally erratic weather conditions in the hot and humid tropical regions. The CNP Laboratory research and development team specialises in the use of hypoallergenic key extract ingredients to maintain the skin’s natural pH levels and soothe easily irritated skin, resulting in the creation of sensitive skin products formulated specially to target sensitive skin types.

In Sensitive Skin products category , CNP Laboratory brings to you the Hydro Intensive Gentle Foaming Cleanser suitable for Sensitive dry skin, which maintains a natural skin pH level of 5.5, as well as products formulated with snail mucus extract containing glycoaminoglycans from the Mugener Family Range. Known for its extraordinary antioxidant and anti-desiccation properties, snail slime musins extract formulated in the Mugener Deep Soothing Sleeping Pack and Mugener Ampule soothes and hydrate intensively while calming redness and irritation in sensitive skin types.

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