Oily/ Combination

Moisturizer for combination skin care can be quite a hassle due to unbalanced sebum and oil production in different parts of our face. Through the application of the correct skin care regime, the balance between the oil and moisture levels in the skin can be regulated resulting in a clear, dewy complexion.

The Dual Balance line is designed to replenish skin moisture level to both T-Zone and U-Zone areas while regulating sebum and oil production to control excessive shine at the T-Zone. Check out our moisturizers for combination skin, the Dual Balance T/U Serum and Dual Balance Moist Cream. Formulated with a good source of Vitamin E, Squalane and Hyaluronic Acids, these products provide a light weight and refreshing boost of hydration to your skin in your daily skincare regime in the hot and humid atmosphere of our sunny island!

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