CNP Laboratory offers a wide range of skin makeup remover and cleansers formulated specially to cater to specific skin types. Our research and development team in South Korea believe that through the use of highly cost-effective and hypoallergenic ingredients in our cleansers, we can elevate skin health resulting in true beauty.

In this category of products, CNP Laboratory brings to you makeup cleansers suitable for specific skin types, such as the A-Clean Purifying Foaming Cleanser suitable for Acne-prone oily skin, the Hydro Intensive Gentle Foaming Cleanser suitable for Sensitive dry skin, and even the Cleansing Perfecta, a silicon-based hypoallergenic gel make-up remover and cleanser suitable for all skin types. Experience the wonders of naturally derived herbal extract ingredients found in the CNP Patented Anti-Irritant Complex in our cleansers, leaving your skin thoroughly cleansed and moisturized while maintaining a natural pH level of 5.5.

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