We understand the frustrations of online shopping and the feeling of insecurity – here are some basic information to keep you rest assured until your order appears at your doorstep!

The World of Fuss-free Shopping

Making an online purchase can be quite a stressful event at times, especially when it comes to skincare. While we try our best to improve our operational processes on a daily basis to keep our customers satisfied with our services, we also seek their kindest understanding and patience in recognizing that certain issues can go out of our control due to unforeseen circumstances.
Love our brand and products? Read more to find out more about how you can maximise your purchases and get the most out of each delivery with us as well as to better understand what goes on behind the scenes for our logistics and e-commerce team!


Free shipping when you shop with us!
Enjoy SGD $5 off if you spend more than SGD $80 when you shop with us!

Get your products safely delivered within five working days!
Order processing takes one working day while parcel pick up and distribution takes a further 2 – 3 working days, hence, should you make an order on Sunday night, you should expect to receive your products latest by Friday evening!

Free travel-sized products up for grabs!
Find a surprise additional of a single travel-sized product in your parcel when you make a purchase of more than SGD $50 when you shop with us!

Monthly price drop on selected items!
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Get a free consultation from our experts and understand your skin better!
Not sure of which skin type category you belong to? Unsure which product suits you best? Simply write in at or call us at 6224 6848 to get a free skin consultation today!

Free sampling trial packs up for grabs!
Try it before you buy it! At CNP Laboratory, we always believe in ensuring safety assurance for our customers. Head over to Free Samples today for a one-week trial from the range of products most suitable for your skin!

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Terms & Conditions
• Free shipping is only applicable for orders above SGD $80 in a single transaction.
• Delivery timeline of five working days is only applicable for local deliveries within Singapore and not applicable for overseas shipping outside of Singapore. In the event of high sales volume during peak periods such as Great Singapore Sales, Black Friday, Christmas, or any other mass sale events, parcel pick-up and distribution may be extended to 7 – 14 working days.
• Free travel-sized products for purchases above SGD $50 are subjected to availability and distributed in accordance to the product’s best suitability to the client’s skin type determined by the purchase history. Choice options are not available.
• One-week sampling trial packs are extended to a one-time redemption per valid email address, limited to four redemptions per household/ mailing address. CNP Laboratory seeks your kind cooperation in ensuring that other customers get to enjoy the sampling trial packs too.


What are the payment methods available?
At present, our website offers Paypal as a mode of payment to ensure secure and fuss-free processes. There’s no need to worry should you not have a Paypal account as the platform does not require mandatory requirements for account registration in order to use it for making payments on e-commerce sites.

I received an email notifying me of additional charges for shipping delivery, why is that so?
Additional shipping charges apply when purchase is made for delivery to an overseas destination, namely any other country outside of Singapore. Shipping charges differ between countries and are determined by parcel weight and parcel size. Upon confirmation of your order, our logistics team tabulates the additional shipping charges incurred and will email you a separate invoice for additional payment before your parcel is released for shipping.

I would like to drop by your office to understand your products better, can I make a direct purchase at the same time?
Yes, you may make a direct purchase at our office. However, kindly be informed that cash transactions are not allowed and the only mode of payment accepted will be Paypal.

Are the prices on your website in USD?
No. Prices stated on the website are all in Singapore Dollars (SGD) Currency and not to be mistaken with any other currencies.

I received an email stating that my order is complete. Does that mean that my parcel is ready for collection/ delivery?
The first email you receive upon making a purchase is a confirmation email for your orders. You should receive a second email when your parcel is ready for collection or enroute to you. Receiving the second email also does not mean that the parcel has already been delivered.


Can I request for products with longer expiry dates?
You may submit a request for products with longer expiry dates in your delivery should you have purchased more than one piece of the same item. However, we regret to inform all customers that our logistics team abide by a strict first-in first-out policy where products with nearer expiry dates have to be dispensed out of the system before products of later expiry dates are used. During high peak sales period, we will also be unable to accommodate to such requests.

How will I know the expiry dates of the products which I purchased?
Expiry dates are stated on the individual product listing pages. We seek the kind understanding of all customers to be agreeable to the expiry dates indicated on the individual product listing pages. CNP Cosmetics Singapore Pte Ltd aspires to be an all-rounder sustainable, eco-friendly business that takes into the consideration of minimizing product waste. Hence, a strict First-In First-Out (FIFO) distribution procedure takes place within our warehouse.

I received a product and find that it’s not suitable for me, can I request for a refund?
All products come with a quality assurance security seal that determines product authenticity and product freshness. In the event where goods sold are returned with security seal tampered with, or damaged, we regret to inform that they are deemed non-refundable or exchangeable. Purchased products are only eligible for one-for-one exchange for product-to-product under case-by-case scenarios such as skin allergies in the form of rashes, swelling, or severe itching, as well as during the event of damaged goods.

How do I proceed with damaged goods return?
Damaged goods received in a recent delivery are applicable for one-for-one exchange. We seek the customer’s kind cooperation to first submit a feedback via indicating their order number, name of product affected, as well as a photo attachment of the damaged item. Our team will then respond accordingly and provide the steps needed for item exchange.

I received an item that looks like it has lesser contents than my usual purchases, what should I do?
As certain products have thicker viscosity in texture, the liquid contents take time to settle and may appear half-full when first placed in an upright position. Customers are best advised to place products in an upright position overnight first to determine if the volume of contents is inaccurate to its standard packaging capacity. We then seek the customer’s kind cooperation to first submit a feedback via indicating their order number, name of product affected, as well as a photo attachment of the product affected. Our team will then respond accordingly and provide the steps needed for item exchange.

Can I store my products in the fridge?
Customers are advised to store products in a cool, dry environment. Products should not be stored under extreme temperature conditions such as high heat exceeding 40 degrees Celsius or low heat under 10 degrees Celsius. Kindly take note that ampule mist products are also not suitable for undergoing high pressures and should not be checked into the luggage when travelling.

I noticed your products retailing at other online shopping platforms, are they authentic?
CNP Cosmetics Singapore Pte Ltd holds sole distributor rights to all products under the brand CNP Laboratory and CNP Doctoray. Other than our own online store at , our products are currently available at Qoo10, Lazada, Shopee, Redmart and Guardian Online. Apart from Redmart and Guardian online, customers are advised to look out for the “Official Distributor” banner under the individual product listings as well as identify that the main seller shop is under the name “CNP Laboratory”. CNP Cosmetics Singapore Pte Ltd are not liable for authenticity of products sold from other sources and consumers are advised to purchase at their own risk.

What are “Last Chance!” products?
CNP Cosmetics Singapore Pte Ltd aspires to be a sustainable, eco-friendly company that tries to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. “Last Chance!” products are items with short shelf-life that has an expiration date of six months of less. These products will then be offered at a discounted price close to the original cost of production.

Are the products suitable for Muslims?
We regret to inform that we are still working towards achieving a Halal certificate for all our products but you may be pleased to find out that all products do not contain any traces of pork or lard.

Are your products vegan?
Aside from the products under the Mugener Series, Propolis Series, and the Vitasolution Whitening Ampule, all other products are formulated using plant-based ingredients.

Is the Propolis Extract used in the Propolis Series products sustainably sourced?
CNP Cosmetics Korea only harvests abandoned Amazonian Bees’ hives for the propolis and ensure that no bees are harmed during the process while maintaining a sustainable ecosystem in the environment.

Are the products tested on animals?
CNP Cosmetics Korea does not commission nor conduct animal testing on raw materials or finished products in any phase of product development. All products are tried and tested on a sample population of human volunteers in Korea to ensure the highest percentage of product efficacy and effectiveness.

Are the products safe for pregnant women?
Customers are strongly recommended to discuss safe skincare options for you during your pregnancy with your medical professional for the best advice. It is best advised to avoid the sun and use UV protection products that help inhibit melanin production as the hormones released during pregnancy and nursing can greatly increase the productivity of pigmentation in the skin, resulting in melasma or “mask of pregnancy”. Products containing Alphahydroxy Acids (AHA) and Betahydroxy Acids (BHA) such as Lactic Acids, Glycolic Acids, Salicylic Acids, etc should be avoided.


What are the delivery methods for my purchases?
A third-party courier service, Urban Fox, is engaged for all parcel deliveries under CNP Laboratory and is responsible for ensuring all parcels reach your doorstep safely. For more information on Urban Fox, visit:

I just made my purchase yesterday, why is my parcel not here yet?
Order processing takes a minimum 1 – 3 working days to fulfil from the date of purchase. Should you have made a purchase on a Friday evening, the order will only begin processing on the Monday morning of the following week. Parcel pickup from the third-party courier service then occurs on the following working day and takes a further 1 – 3 working days to reach you. Hence, should you have made your purchase on a Friday evening, you should expect to receive your parcel on the Friday of the following week. In the event of high sales volume during a peak period such as our annual Black Friday Sales, parcel processing alone will be extended up to 7 working days and deliveries require a further extension of another 7 working days to accomplish. Hence, during high peak periods, parcels are expected to be delayed in delivery and may take up to 14 working days before receipt on customer end. Customers should avoid purchasing products as gifts during high peak sales periods.

Can I avoid shipping charges and opt for self-collection of my purchase?
We regret to inform that self-collection options are no longer available. Our warehouse has shifted to a different location and it will be inconvenient to extend self-collection for our beloved customers. CNP Cosmetics Singapore Pte Ltd also does not make a single profit from the SGD $5 delivery charges. All shipping fees collected from our customers are fully paid to the third-party courier service provider.

What are the shipping charges for overseas deliveries outside of Singapore?
Additional overseas shipping charges applies for all overseas orders outside of Singapore. Customers are advised to make an enquiry on the overseas shipping charges that may incur for their purchases via before making a purchase as shipping charges differ between different destination points and are also further determined by parcel weight and parcel size. Kindly provide quantity and name of product to purchase, as well as destination of delivery to help our team best assist you better.

How do I track my order?
A tracking number and a specific webpage under Urban Fox Asia will be provided upon customer request for the tracking of orders. Customers are advised to take note that the accuracy for the status of delivery upon pick-up by Urban Fox couriers from the CNP Cosmetics Singapore Pte Ltd warehouse are dependent on Urban Fox Asia’s diligence in updating the delivery status of the parcels they hold. Should you wish to find out your tracking number, kindly write in to with your order number and we will get back to you within the next working day!

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